Reconstructive Surgery in Buckhead and Atlanta

“Facial reconstruction due to illness, birth defect, or trauma is the most challenging and complex of all facial plastic surgery.” – Dr. Anita Sethna

For each one of her reconstructive surgery patients, Dr. Sethna strives to not only restore their visual appearance, but to also heal them internally from past injuries, surgeries, or illnesses. Board certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, she has the required expertise to correct a wide range of concerns while maintaining elegantly natural outcomes. Combining her artistry with her keen understanding of facial anatomy, Dr. Sethna is an expert in renewing the face after traumatic injury, paralysis, or the effects of cancer and other illnesses.

Dr. Sethna performs the following facial plastic surgery procedures at our Atlanta cosmetic and reconstructive surgery practice.

Facial Paralysis Surgery

Facial paralysis surgery, also known as facial reanimation surgery, is performed to treat nerve damage of one or both sides of the face. [Read More]

Ptosis Repair

Ptosis repair is a procedure that involves surgery of the upper eyelid in order to correct the congenital defect that causes a drooping of one or both upper eyelids. [Read More]

Facial Fat Grafting

Facial fat grafting can be used for reconstructive purposes in order to restore volume or improve the facial shape following a traumatic injury, surgery, or effects of cancer. [Read More]

Facial Reconstruction

Whether the face has been impacted by illness or traumatic injury, Dr. Sethna can create a fully customized facial reconstruction surgery plan to restore a natural facial appearance. [Read More]

Scar Revision

Scar revision is a procedure that is performed to fade the appearance of a scar and improve how it blends with the surrounding area of skin. [Read More]

Mohs Reconstruction

Mohs reconstructive surgery, or Mohs closure, is a procedure that is performed to renew the area of skin that was excised during an initial Mohs skin cancer removal surgery. [Read More]

Functional Rhinoplasty

Functional rhinoplasty is a procedure that can help reshape the underlying nasal structure to allow air to flow more efficiently through the nose. [Read More]

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Anita Sethna, MD, FACS is double board certified in Head and Neck surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, with a passion for helping her patients to achieve their most confident, empowered, and youthful selves. To schedule your private consultation, please give our Atlanta office a call at 360.223.7530 or fill out our online contact form and we will get in touch with you right away.