Scar Revision in Buckhead and Atlanta

Many men and women struggle with scars left behind from a previous surgery, injury, or certain birth defects. This could often serve as a constant reminder of a painful time, and may cause a person to feel self conscious about their appearance. Scar revision is a reconstructive procedure that is intended to correct or minimize the appearance of unwanted scars. Dr. Sethna specializes in various scar revision methods to address her patients’ different scar concerns – whether its skin discoloration, sunken or raised areas, or a combination.

What is Scar Revision?

Scar revision is a procedure that is performed to reduce the appearance of a scar and improve how it blends with the surrounding area of skin. This reconstructive procedure is often done to minimize the visibility of a scar from surgery or injury. Depending on the type of scar – whether the skin is depressed, raised, or primarily a pigmentation issue – Dr. Sethna will customize a scar revision treatment plan designed specifically for your unique circumstances.

Dr. Sethna recommends scar revision surgery for women and men looking to…

  • Improve discoloration or pigmentation concerns caused by a scar
  • Fill in depressed or sunken areas in the skin from a scar
  • Flatten raised scar tissue
  • Minimize the appearance of visible scars

What is the Scar Revision Procedure Like?

You will have a private consultation with Dr. Sethna to discuss your specific concerns as well as your goal outcome. Based on your unique circumstances, Dr. Sethna will customize a procedure plan designed to provide you with your optimal and most natural-looking outcome. She will also provide you with detailed instructions for both before and after your surgery or minimally invasive procedure.

Each scar revision is completely unique and designed to address your specific needs and concerns. Dr. Sethna may recommend a non-surgical/minimally invasive or surgical method based on your type of scar.

Possible methods for scar revision include:

  • Fillers for depressed/sunken scars (such as acne scarring). This is an injectable treatment that uses a naturally-occurring gel substance (hyaluronic acid) to restore volume beneath the skin. This provides immediate results with little-to-no recovery period. Results from scar revision with fillers could last for up to a full year with optimal treatment, and can be maintained with a personalized treatment schedule with Dr. Sethna.
  • Fat Grafting for a more permanent solution to depressed/sunken scars. Like fillers, facial fat grafting can help replenish volume beneath the skin in order to smooth away depressions in the skin’s surface. However, fat grafting uses your body’s own fat cells as the filler. Results from fat grafting are noticeable and although some of the fat will naturally be absorbed by your body, results from this treatment are extremely long-lasting.
  • Laser resurfacing to address scars that cause skin discoloration/ pigmentation issues. Using non-surgical laser resurfacing, Dr. Sethna is able to target issues with the surface of the skin, such as discoloration or rough texture. Laser energy is used to resurface the area of skin around the scar, allowing new, healthy skin to form in its place.
  • In some cases, minor surgery may be needed to excise deeper scars. A small incision would be made in the skin in order to remove the scar tissue.

The right scar revision treatment for you may also include multiple methods for optimal results. Dr. Sethna will go over your specific treatment options with you during your consultation.

What’s Recovery Like After Scar Revision?

Scar revision recovery will vary depending on the method(s) used for your specific treatment.

If you experience any unexpected side effects after treatment, please contact our office immediately.

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